Regrouting & Recaulking

Re-grouting and Re-caulking: What We Do

  • Remove caulk.
  • Using HEPA filter dust extraction equipment, remove grout to sufficient depth to allow new grout to bond securely with tile bisque (unglazed body of tile).
  • NOTE: Re-grouting without sufficient removal of old grout will result in a temporary cosmetic improvement that will begin chipping and peeling, usually within a few weeks or months. Columbia Tile & Grout will not employ this practice for any reason.
  • Kill visible mildew.
  • Install new mildew-resistant grout.
  • Buff the tile surface to remove grout haze, soap scum, and mineral deposits.
  • Recaulk all plane-change joints (e.g. corner joints) and joints between tile and non-tile materials with mildew-resistant caulk. This includes both sides of door frames and tracks.
  • Seal all new grout with sealer that repels most stains and makes it easier to clean.
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