Grout Sealing & Color Sealing

Grout sealer repels water, grease, oils, and most stains so that they may be easily be removed by gentle mopping with clear water and mild dish detergent.

  •   Apply grout cleaner to grout joints and scrub with brush.  For very large projects, a steam pressure washer may be used with a shrouded surface cleaner attachment.  (The anti-splatter shroud prevents the steam blast from scattering contaminants.)
  •   Extract dirty wash solution from surface of tile and grout with a wet vacuum and squeegee wand.
  •   Rinse with clean water and extract the rinse water with a wet vacuum and squeegee wand.
  •   If grout color is satisfactory to customer, apply penetrating sealer to the grout.  It dries clear, so no buffing is required.
  •   If grout color is not satisfactory to customer, apply colored sealer to the grout and allow it to cure for at least 10 minutes; then buff tile face to remove excess colored sealer.


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