Commercial Tile & Grout Services


Let us steam-clean, degrease, sanitize & regrout  your kitchen floors; steam-clean your floor drains; re-set loose tiles; and replace broken tiles WHILE YOU SLEEP. That’s right–we perform all of our work between your closing and opening times.  No need to shut down your business for our business.

  • Eliminate foul odors instantly
  • Eliminate standing water in your grout joints
  • Our anti-splatter surface cleaner means that you don’t have to
    clean up our mess after we clean your floors!
  • Water damage repairs


  • Lobby Floors
  • Restrooms
  • Cafeteria Floors
  • Guest room bathrooms

Cleaning & Sealing

Columbia Tile & Grout Services has invested in special equipment for cleaning and sealing.  Large lobby floors and commercial restrooms.  Our steam pressure washer generates steam at temperatures of 212° – 330° F. at 1,000 pounds per square inch.  This combination of heat and pressure is capable of very rapidly removing gum, greasy and sticky residues, paint drips, and a variety of surface coatings.  It is especially good for cleaning and sanitizing restroom tile.

We also use heavy-duty floor machines with tile and grout stripping brushes, wet vacuums with squeegees, and hand-held scrubbing machines for cleaning tile and grout.  High velocity floor driers move 3,000 cubic feet of air per minute so that we can seal the grout soon after cleaning it.

Since many stains cannot be completely removed from grout, we often use penetrating colored sealers to return the grout to like-new condition.  Colored sealers are available in all of the colors of the major brands of grout, so we can match your original grout color or completely change the color to coordinate with your new decor.  Color-sealing results in a more uniform grout color than can be achieved by any other method, including installation of new grout.  The clear and colored sealers that we use are designed to last for 15-20 years with proper maintenance, and through our 10 years of experience working with them, it appears that they will.

Grout Repairs and Re-grouting

If the tiles are not loose, damaged grout can be removed and replaced, extending the life of the installation for many more years.  If the grout is cracking because the tile is loose, the cause of the loose tiles must be determined prior to attempting repairs.  In some cases loose tiles can be left in place and re-bonded with epoxy injections.

Columbia Tile & Grout Services uses a variety of pneumatic and electric specialty tools for rapid removal of sanded, unsanded, and epoxy grout.  We use HEPA-filter vacuums as dust extractors on our grout removal tools.  For larger projects, HEPA-filter air scrubbers will be set up to capture the dust that escapes the vacuums.


Restore Tub Surrounds & Showers

We understand the tight maintenance schedules between move-out and move-in, and are ready to help.  Columbia Tile & Grout attaches special priority to service requests from property management customers.  For tub surround re-grout/re-caulk/seal projects, our turnaround time is generally under one week.  One technician can usually complete two tub surround re-grouts in one day.  You should allow additional time if water damage repairs are necessary.

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