SilikonCaulking is a very important process that effectively seals joints or seams in multiple structures.  Caulking around places such as a tub, shower, sink and backsplash offers protection against water damage.  Maintaining it is also extremely important.  After some time it may begin to dry up, mold, crack or peel.  If the problem is not attended to early enough it can result to water damage.  Water damage leads to many more expensive problems.  Mold can occur, wood rot can occur and the underlying structure can fail as well.  Apart from saving costs, it also improves the appearance of an existing shower, tub, sink or backsplash.

Caulking a tub

Silicone can be used to caulk a bathtub.  It has several advantages that make it an effective product.  It is long-lasting and seals the area completely without making a big mess.  Caulking a bathtub with silicone requires that the tub is either new or the old caulking has been completely removed.  The process should be done using a methodical approach.  It takes a fairly long duration due to what the process entails, and the fact that silicone takes a few hours to cure completely but it is definitely worth the wait.

Caulking a shower

Caulking is effective in sealing shower gaps.  Water will not seep through and the walls or flooring will not be damaged.  It is recommended in every bathroom regardless of whether it is a freestanding shower or combination tub with a shower. It can completely seal gaps and cracks where building materials transition.  Using high quality caulk that has been made specifically for showers will always yield the best results.

Caulking a sink

Caulking a kitchen sink is a simple effective solution.  It is a maintenance measure that should be taken so as to make sure that it functions properly.  This includes adding a sealant.  The process involves removing the old grout, disinfecting the sink, caulking the sink and lastly making sure that the job is perfectly done.

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