Bathroom Tile

Bathroom TileBathroom tile is a very popular finish for SC homeowners.  Installing bathroom tile will not only enhance the appearance and look of the bathroom but can increase the value of the property and will make bathrooms more sustainable.  Maintenance becomes a cakewalk if you have bathroom tile as it has many benefits.

What are my options for Bathroom Tile?  What is possible?

You can use bathroom tile for the floors, the walls and even the ceilings.  Homes typically do not need ceilings to be tiled but some will do it in the shower area.  The types of bathroom tile that you can use for the floors would be similar to that you might use in kitchen or utility areas.  You can choose from ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles, rectified tiles, porcelain tiles or natural stones.  The walls may also have some type of bathroom tile.  You can opt for tiling the walls up to the height of the door or you can go all the way up to the ceiling.  Floors and walls should be tiled in a bathroom as almost all types of bathroom tile offer water protection to your home (the floors and the walls). Bathroom tile prevents water from seeping into the floors and tiles are easier to clean and maintain than normal floors and walls.  You can also use bathroom tile for wash basin counters and other fixtures in your bathroom.

Tips for choosing bathroom tile

Whichever type of bathroom tile you choose, the floors should be resistant to skidding or slipping.  There are many types of antiskid tiles in various categories.  Natural stone is not an ideal choice of bathroom tiles because they are not naturally resistant to skidding and they can also be extremely expensive.  The most popular bathroom tile is porcelain tiles because they are harder than other tiles, completely non porous and stronger and more durable than its counterparts. However, porcelain tiles are a slightly expensive bathroom tile.

How do I choose a Bathroom tile installation company?

While choosing a bathroom tile installation company, you should make a decision based on their expertise, whether they would do the job themselves or have subcontractors do the installation, if they are also the dealers of bathroom tile apart from offering installation services their post installation services and warranty.

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